> Nerd Nite XXI: Nerdventure!

Nerd Nite XXI: Nerdventure!

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The 21st edition will take nerdism out on a journey! So dust off those hiking shoes and lace up for a wild walk because we start the night off with… Geocaching! Yvette Cendes will share her adventures around the world using billion dollar GPS satellites to find tupperware in the woods. Awesomeness? Oh yeah.
From the woods we hike on… to walk on water! We kid you not. Stuff might just get tense as Ton van den Bremer reveals the driving force of the messias’ steps on water. AND he will give a live demo with cocktail boats. Believe it when you see it!

Friday March 20 at CREA Amsterdam, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170.
Be there and be square.


Yvette Cendes

Found it!: Geocaching around the world

Geocaching is a real-life treasure huYvettent that is happening right now, all around you, where people hide boxes all around the world and upload the GPS coordinates to the Internet for others to find.  In this talk I will give a brief overview of what geocaching is, and share some stories from my adventures geocaching around the world.

I am a 29 year old Hungarian-American, born in the USA to a Hungarian family, and I came to Amsterdam 3.5 years ago for a PhD. In addition to my PhD (which focuses on radio astronomy), I do some professional freelance writing for various science magazines in the USA.  Beyond geocaching and travel, my hobbies include embroidery, my boat “Sterrestof”, collecting fake Internet points on Reddit, amateur ham radio, and planning for what I politely call “galactic domination”.



Ton van den Bremer

Fluids under tension: how to walk on water

Ever wondered why tears appear on the inside of a wine glTonass? Or why a drawing pin floats? Ton van den Bremer will reveal these secrets by introducing you to Mr Marangoni. He is not a magician, but a 19th century physicist who discovered the mechanism behind these phenomena. Ton will show you how the surface tension of a fluid may cause a flow, which is used deftly by water-walking insects as a propulsion mechanism. He will also bring along 3D printed boats and, in a real-life experiment, show how this Marangoni propulsion can make you the most interesting person at any cocktail party!

Ton is a PhD candidate in geophysical fluid dynamics at the University of Oxford. He currently works as a research associate at VU University Amsterdam in collaboration with the University of Oxford, and lectures Environmental Economics at Amsterdam University College. He does not like cocktails himself.


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