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Nerd Nite 43

Nerd Nite 43 will be about the most precious thing – life itself. Our first speaker Vincenzo Mascoli will share with us his fascination of photosynthesis, the source of life on Earth. But how does it actually work? Vincenzo will enlighten us with some surprisingly fast processes.

Our second speaker, Valentijn Stienen, is working on saving lives. After a natural disaster, the delivery of aid products, sent from depots, must happen as fast as possible. He will show us how he helps out humanitarian organizations using mathematical optimization. Do you want to get a taste of life?

Come on the 22nd of November and be there, be square!


Friday 22nd November
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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Vincenzo Mascoli

Photosynthetic light-harvesting from sunshine to rain
By Vincenzo Mascoli

From greek phōs: “light” and synthesis : “putting together”, photosynthesis is performed by plants, algae and bacteria and is the main supplier of energy to the biosphere as it converts sunlight into chemical energy. Have you ever wondered how these organisms deal with a sunny or cloudy sky ? Not only do they need to harvest light as efficiently as possible but at the same time photosynthetic organisms need to be able to dissipate excess energy, to avoid harm to their apparatus that will ultimately limit their growth. Vincenzo will unravel this “mystery” with us during his talk, as he will show which strategies these organisms use at the protein scale to catch the best of the Sun.


Valentijn Stienen

Using mathematics to save lives in disaster situations
By Valentijn Stienen

When a disaster strikes, international assistance is often requested to help responding and recovering from it. Relief items are then sent as soon as possible to the affected regions from international hubs. But how should such an international network of hubs be organized, which cities/regions should hold a hub? Valentijn is the man to ask! Minimizing transportation costs and response times are two main performance indicators, but also the robustness of solutions plays an important role. Why? Let’s find out how Valentijn uses mathematical optimization to make a great societal impact, possibly saving thousands of lives!

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