> Nerd Nite 42 – Hitchhiking through the galaxy!

Nerd Nite 42 – Hitchhiking through the galaxy!

Nerd Nite 42

With Nerd Nite 42, we will take you along for a hitchhike through the galaxy with two amazing guides, Roel Aaij and Bülent Kaplan and party until the end of the world. Wear your intergalactic costume to blend in and participate in the costume contest in-between the two talks!

Our first guide, Roel, will bring us to the birth of the universe where we will find out about the secrets of antimatter and search for dark matter. Bülent, our second speaker, will take us into the future with robotics: Will robots soon take over and rule us?

Come and join us with your costume on the 20th September to (maybe) find out the answer to life, the universe and everything! Be there, be square!


Friday 20th September
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30
Party starts at 22:15

Free admission for costume wearers, else 5 euros

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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The future of the robots and the robots of the future
By Bülent Kaplan

Robots are not coming, they are already here!
Nobody is expecting the Skynet to destroy humanity anytime soon but there is strong evidence that robots are replacing more jobs than they are creating. Are you sure that your job will be safe? Technology is accelerating at an exponential rate. What will happen when the robots outsmart us, humans? Advanced technology can play a key role solving the problems like climate change, ecological destruction and poverty however it will also create new challenges. What kind of a future is awaiting us and what role can we play in this rapidly changing game?

A Nerd’s guide to the Early Universe
By Roel Aaij

What happened just after the Big Bang? How did we end up with the universe we observe today? Where did all the antimatter go? What is dark matter? Scientists and engineers at Nikhef – the Dutch National institute for Subatomic Physics – try to answer these questions by working on High Energy Physics experiments and theory. Our speaker Roel Aaij will take you on a tour of some of these big questions about the (early) universe and where some of their (im)probable answers may be found. Are you ready yet to hear a gravitational wave?

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