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Nerd Nite 44

In this Nerd Nite Valentine Special Edition, to fulfill all the New Year resolutions about relationships, we organize again the speed date for you.

The first talk will be about the beauty and the diversity of sign language, by Ulrika Klomp. Then, Bastiaan van Meijenfeldt will go with us to the Earth’s harshest places. How the microorganisms there can adapt their DNA to survive there? Come and find out!

Do not forget to sign up for the speed date on Valentine’s Date at http://tiny.cc/nn44-speeddate if you want to meet the nerd of your life!

Be there and be square!

A bit more about the talks:
-Why sign language isn’t universal (and has little chance of becoming it) by Ulrika Klomp

Sign language is beautiful. It’s so clear, it’s so simple, it’s so full of expression, and it’s so easy that it’s univer… wait. It’s not? WHY NOT?!” In this talk, sign language linguist Ulrika Klomp will show you that sign languages are not so simple at all, and talk about the various reasons why (sign) languages differ from one another. She takes you through some facts and fiction, showing the urgency of documenting and investigating sign languages now, and what sign languages can teach us about the human language capacity in general. Oh, and that sign languages are, indeed, beautiful – in their diversity.

-Exploring the vast microbial unknown by Bastiaan van Meijenfeldt

Ever since the invention of the microscope we know that there is a world of biology on the tiniest of scales. Historically, our knowledge of microbiology has been driven by creatures that make us sick or that grow happily in the lab (or your fridge). The rapid development of DNA sequencing techniques now allows us to go to any place on Earth and discover what is living there, and what they are doing, without the need for lab-based cultivation. Let Bastiaan show you the microbial world through this new lens of environmental DNA. It turns out that most microbes that we find have never been seen before…


Friday 14th February

Speed date from 18:30 to 19:30
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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