> Nerd Nite 46

Nerd Nite 46

Online Nerd Nite is back! This time in Zoom!
First talk is by Caitlin Meyer : The moment of twoth: language rules when learning numbers.
The title of the previous NN was “How to count things…when counting is hard” – this time around we’ll go back to the elementary interpretation of that question. We’ll see that counting is basically always hard, but gets a little easier thanks to language. We’ll talk about how doing math with morphemes sets the foundation for doing actual math, and how smart mistakes like twoth and eated are as related as they are different. In doing so, we’ll learn how to be surprised about two super-human skills we take for granted, and raise some questions about what it means to learn or know something.
Second talk is by Julien Rossi : Sesame Street’s AI
In the quest of the AI that understands human language, we figured out that since computers are so good at understanding numbers and learning how they relate to each others, the best way forward is for humans to learn how to transform language into numbers. But not just any numbers, numbers that are machine-edible.We started by counting words, and ended up in Sesame Street while turning text into vectors.In this talk, we’ll see why Bert from Sesame Street saying ‘GPUs go brrrr’ is an accurate depiction of the latest developments in Natural Language Understanding.
Zoom linked will be provided in the coming days.
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