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Nerd Nite 41

Next Nerd Nite will be all about survival. We have attained longer and longer lifespans with better conditions of living, technology but also with medical help. But did you actually know that penicillin was found by mistake (Thank you!)?  Michael Goldflam will show us how difficult it is to find new medicines and how recent scientific advances (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018!) allow to take control over evolution. Joris Vlasblom is also worried about our lifespan and that of Mother Earth. Did you already switch to renewable energies? Joris will present us a racing car to show us that hydrogen can be a viable alternative to “all-electric”.

Join us on the 21st of June for a better future, be there, be square!


Friday 21st June
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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Using evolution and viruses to develop new medicines
By Michael Goldflam


Nature has made us what we are today in all our glory and enabled the diversity of life through the power of evolution. But what if we could take over and use evolution for our own purposes? Michael will show us how recent scientific advances allow to take control of evolution and use it as tool (for Good!) to address challenging problems like the development of a new medicine. The discovery of new medicine is a traditional “finding a needle in a haystack” dilemma, how do you identify which molecules could be useful? But don’t worry, Michael will share some ideas involving “hacking” biology using genetically modified viruses…

Hydrogen: Racing towards a sustainable future!
By Joris Vlasblom

The climate is changing, pole caps are melting, fossil fuels are depleting. This calls for a new way to power our lives, a more sustainable way. All-electric seems to be the current trend, but can it really deliver what it’s hyped up to be? Do we need a different energy carrier? Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing believes that hydrogen is needed to fully satisfy our energy demands. By building a hydrogen electric race-car they push fuel-cell technology to its limits and show the potential of hydrogen. Interested to find out how the (race) car of the future works and how hydrogen might power our lives in the future? Find out at Nerd Nite!


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