> Nerd Nite XXII: The Nerds & the Bees..

Nerd Nite XXII: The Nerds & the Bees..

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Nerd Nite Amsterdam, get ready to blush those cheeks on May 29th! Our last edition will penetrate deeply into the definition of sex: because there’s more in life than males and females. Confused? Worry not, Tim van de Grift’s overview will be thorough and mind blowing. And hey, while we’re at it: why not take a different persextive? Always wondered how watching porn affects your sex life? And what the major sex related issues are for our generation? Rieky Dikmans takes us on the journey through 21st century sex!

*This Nerd Nite is sparked up with the one and only Liar’s club quiz*

Be there and be square.

Tim van de Grift

Intersex: there’s more to sex than men and women

One of the first questions asked when a bPhoto1aby is born is whether it’s a boy or girl. The answer is often clear, but not always. Intersex (also known as disorders of sex development) is an umbrella term used to describe various congenital conditions in which the development of one’s biological sex differs from what is generally understood as male or female. In individuals, intersex can range from ambiguous genitals to more than two sex chromosomes. Tim van de Grift, medical doctor and PhD candidate at the VU Medical Center, will explain the concept of sex as a continuum and what role medical professionals played in determining the sex of people’s bodies.

Tim is (or at least thinks he is) not the typical kind of medical doctor. He works part-time at the gender clinic of the VU medical center researching the effects of care on the health of transgender, transsexual, and intersex people. He also teaches an art and science collaboration course at the University of Amsterdam. Besides that, he has got some pretty standard hobbies like traveling, reading, arts and politics.


Rieky Dikmans

The Sexual Revolution 2.0

Are you riekytruly sexually free? Or don’t you have a clue what that question means? Worry not, next nerd nite you will find out. Against a background of historical, biological and academic facts, Rieky Dikmans will take you through the sexual revolution: a social movement that challenged traditional codes of behavior related to sexuality and interpersonal relationships throughout the Western world. Sex, love, and childbearing have become increasingly de-institutionalised. Serial monogamy is commonplace. Sexual pleasure as a basic human need is taken for granted, and every woman’s magazine gives advice on how to achieve it. In a world where everything is possible, visually available and even consumable, nothing is abnormal anymore, is it? But how liberated are we really?

Rieky is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the VU Medical center in Amsterdam, with a particular focus on breast reconstructive surgery and quality of life.  Her passion about both the physical and psychosocial aspects of the female inspired her to become a sexologist. Rieky finds she reaches truly higher levels during her mindful bikram yoga sessions.



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