> Nerd Nite XX: Go, and data-driven nerdism!

Nerd Nite XX: Go, and data-driven nerdism!

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The twentieth edition of Nerd Nite will portray some excellent hibernation projects! Serving both nerds that are out to save the world and those simply wanting to kill time while waiting for warmer and sunnier seasons. Our first speaker, Johannes von Engelhardt will shine his light on demographics in Africa using the modern take on Maslow’s pyramid… with ‘Cell Phone’ at the bottom level. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say? Second speaker, prof. Jean-Sébastien Caux, will most definitely have a suggestion for you to pass the time: he’ll share his passion for the board game Go. A simple yet simultaneously complex game that is honoured with full-time tv coverage in eastern Asian countries.

Curious? January 30th. Be there. Be square.
Doors open at 20:00, first talk starts at 20:30.

(Ooh, and don’t forget to sign up for Nerd Speed Dating! (pre Nerd Nite, from 18:15-19:30) http://goo.gl/forms/o9iRPb1fFS )

Johannes von Engelhardt  Speaker150130JohannesvonEngelhardt

Mobiles, data and development: mobile surveys in challenging environments

Did you know that 75% of all simcards worldwide
are in use in developing countries? In these poorer parts of the world, it is one type of data that matters more than any other: survey data. Contrary to television, computer and landline phones, the mobile phone has the potential to actually affect the lives of even the poorest of the poor. Yet what does this mean for the developing world? Can mobile phones battle poverty, cure diseases and spread democracy? Talking directly to citizens is invaluable for tracking change and working toward targets such as the UN Milennium Goals. This is not an easy task, but in order to make a start, we probably need to change the way we think about data, and how to use technology. This Nerd Nite, Johannes will tell you how the advent of mobile phone technology can be used for gathering much needed real-time data in times of crises such as wars or epidemics. Data matter.

caux-personen-portret-hoogleraar-fnwi-sebastiencaux-fotojeroenoerlemans-caux3 Jean-Sébastien Caux

Go, godly nerdism

Go – arguably the simplest yet most unfathomably complex board game – is the ultimate mind bender. Even the great chess grandmaster Emanuel Lasker admitted that “it is something unearthly… If there are sentient beings on other planets, then they play Go.” Mostly ignored in the West until recently, it has been played for thousands of years in East Asian countries, where nowadays it even enjoys full-time TV coverage. This Nerd Nite Jean-Sébastien will open your eyes to a new level of nerdiness by introducing you to the subtleties of this addictively profound game.

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