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Nerd Nite 36

Next Nerd Nite will lead you on a culinary travel just to end up in the hospital! When cooking, do you think of skipping the oil or the butter? Come and listen to Bas Robben to discover the yummy culinary secrets of fat and how it makes the food so delicious! And worry not, as after overindulging, Lydia Mennes will take you to the hospital!  In a time where neural networks and Artificial Intelligence are omnipresent, hospitals are so messy with your data that we need AI to make sense of the records. Discover why and how AI will be able to determine the future of hospitals and our healthcare system. Join us at Nerd Nite 36 on the 23rd of March. Be there and be square!


Friday 23 March
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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Don’t fear the fat!
By Bas Robben


Fat is the key in every cuisine, but why are so many people scared of it? Do you feel guilty after indulging in food prepared with/in fat? Don’t be! Bas will convince you to add more oil, lard, ghee and butter in your pan and present you the three main functions of fat in cooking: as a core ingredient, a cooking medium, and a seasoning. Conserving, deep frying, infusing, baking and confit are the techniques you should use to make your food even more delicious. In the end, you’ll know why pasta tastes better in a restaurant, why deep-frying is such an excellent cooking technique and how to step up your deep-frying game and build a fatty larder full of flavors at home!



What it would take for Artificial Intelligence to take off in hospitals

By Lydia Mennes


Do you recall your last visit to the doctor? He was probably filling out a form about half of the time. Every visit you make to the doctor, the hospital, the pharmacy or any other medical service is collected in multiple forms and all your data goes into your own Electronic Healthcare Record. Such a record is stored for every person in the Netherlands, imagine what we could learn from all of this data using artificial intelligence! So why is your doctor not using a virtual assistant yet? That is exactly what Lydia explains during her talk. She will show that lots of advanced models have been trained with great results, but that real-life healthcare records are so messy that a special AI system is needed to make sense of the records, even for humans! Curious what happens in this gap? Lydia will explain it all in her talk at Nerd Nite 36!


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