> Nerd Nite 35: Love and War!

Nerd Nite 35: Love and War!

We will wander into the path of love and war this Nerd Nite!
Our first speaker Marieke van Gelderen will show us the evolution of psychotherapy and how she spreads her love by helping war-veterans with PTSD using active solutions that involve virtual reality. Afterwards, we’ll be swept way back to the bloody battles in the dark Middle Ages, where Ivan Toshev will crush our misconceptions implanted by non-historians by means of (Hollywood) movies, and guide us through the medieval weaponry! Join us on the 19th of January to debate about love and war, be there and be square!
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Friday 19 January
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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Forward, march! Virtual reality and movement incorporated in treatment for war-veterans with PTSD
By Marieke van Gelderen

portrait_marieke (1)
When you think of psychotherapy, you probably think of Freud and a nice fluffy sofa. Well, think again: nowadays you have to get up off the couch and get moving. In her quest to help war-veterans with a posttraumatic stress disorder, Marieke researches how she can combine walking, music, pictures and virtual reality to deliver an inspiring and effective treatment to these veterans. She will show us how all of these elements support the same goal: helping the patients to confront their fears by increasing engagement and lowering avoidance of the traumatic memory. Curious or maybe a bit anxious? Don’t be! Marieke will help you through it…

Bio: During her Master studies in neuropsychology Marieke first started to work with veterans and policemen with PTSD. She was instantly fascinated by the deep and severe impact stressful events can have. She is currently conducting her PhD in which she focusses on improving care for veterans with PTSD that have not responded to treatment so far. In her spare time she enjoys board games, yoga, and playing the drums.

Misconceptions About Medieval European Warfare
By Ivan Toshev

Picture Ivan (1)Dragons, castles, swords, magic… Perhaps scenes of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings pop into your mind right now. Actually, many popular books, movies or video games take place in an old-timey setting with all these elements. But when it comes to fighting with medieval weapons there are a lot of myths and misconceptions we learn from these books, movies or games. Ivan Toshev will enlighten our thinking on battles in the Middle Ages and help us answer questions like what the most important piece of armor is or whether swords are really the best melee weapon. He will draw on research and experience of modern Medieval enthusiasts and sharpen our look at Medieval warfare! Make sure to come, wear your heart on your sleeve and listen at Nerd Nite 35!

Bio: Ivan has been interested in history since high school, and also likes to read about biology and psychology. It’s practically all he ever does. That, and also working (in an unrelated field), movies, video games, and preparing to launch a website.

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