> Nerdnite IX Revolution nr. 9: Medieval english and 3D printing

Nerdnite IX Revolution nr. 9: Medieval english and 3D printing

Join us again for Nerd Nite, where for the ninth time we revolve around the magical world of nerds and their fascinations. Prepare for a mind-boggling timewarp. We have opened up a wormhole that extends from the Medieval roots of the English language up to the futuristic world of 3D printing. Within one night, you will be able to speak like a knight in a jousting tournament (or like a Lannister, if you will) and to witness home appliances, dinosaur heads and broomsticks being conjured out of thin air. Live! If Gandalf were around, he’d be very much at home. We know you will be too.

Be there AND be square!


Phil Uttley – Medieval English for Dummies
A quick-and-dirty guide for would-be Time-travellers

The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there. This could not be more true for language and none more so than English, which went from being an über-Germanic language spoken by a small number of warrior-tribes to a hotch-potch creole and Lingua Franca spoken around the world by over a billion people. Modern English was forged in the Middle Ages and this process is recorded in the English we use now, especially in its eccentric and illogical system of spelling and pronunciation. In this talk we will see how Medieval English evolved from its more Germanic roots and how the language of six-hundred or more years ago is fossilised in the language we use today. Along the way we will discover how, using a few simple tricks, a modern English-speaker can get by in Medieval England.
Phil Uttley doesn’t like much really, but what he does like, he loves passionately. He is an average scientist, mediocre historian and lazy linguist. Besides working on the time-variability of X-ray emission from black holes, he has also discovered that it is far easier to learn your own language from centuries ago than Dutch.


Alan Nguyen – Faster. More. Now!
3D printing: anything on demand

Face it. We live in the world of instant gratification. Our food is instant, thanks microwave, our entertainment, thanks Instagram, and seemingly our deadlines at work have become instant as well, thanks computer. Alan Nguyens world is a quad-core computer, a desktop 3D Printer and an extremely ad-hoc boss expecting work to be produced on command. Fortunately, he has
the luxury to deliver work on demand due to the most instantly gratifying world of 3D Printing. Seeing an object in digital space on a screen then with a push of a button, a physical duplicate being produced next to that screen has changed him forever. Not too long ago, a once unstimulated but focused student workhorse, 3D printing has unleashed a suppressed obsessive inner child of 3D printed creations from T-Rex Heads to Shoes made entirely of iPhone cases.

Alan Nguyen is a young, aspiring Designer at Freedom Of Creation, a pioneering design and research company, specialized in design with 3D printing technologies.


Nerd Nite IX

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
CREA Muziekzaal
Door 20:00 – First talk 20:30
Music by Spread it like Butter
Admission Free
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam
Facebook: Nerdnite Amsterdam

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