> Nerdnite VIII: The new season!

Nerdnite VIII: The new season!

With everybody returning from their LAN-camps, LARP-gatherings and Pinball Tournaments, excitement is buzzing through town: Nerd Nite is coming! We start anew with a fresh set of two speakers from the Nerd Menagerie. Put your Higgs boots on, and prepare for some serious Japanese folding. This is Nerd Nite: we’re back!


“A Tsunami of Origami” – Caroline D’Angelo

The ancient Japanese tradition of origami is about more than just folding paper. Although, one has to admit, folding paper is a large part of it. From traditional miniature farm animals to the modern all-out stunt origami, the field is as vast as it is exciting. We even venture outside the recreational domain of origami, and review some of its hard-core scientific applications.

Caroline D’Angelo grew up near Toronto and has been frustrated by origami patterns since she was a small child. She once attended a meeting of the Toronto Origami Society. In daily life, she studies the more down-to-earth field of neutron stars whilst playing the cello.




“How many Higgs in Higgs?”

2012 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of the long-awaited discovery of the Higgs particle. But who is Higgs? What is Higgs? Why do we need Higgs? Why did it take almost 50 years to find Higgs? And finally… how many Higgs particles are needed to build up Peter Higgs?

Sander Mooij is a physicist and currently a PhD candidate in cosmology where he tries to model the origin of the universe with inflation. Sander has made his first Nerd Nite stage performance as a judge in the dry T-shirt contest. This time around, he’ll take the floor to share his expert Higgs knowledge with us.



Nerd Nite VIII
Friday, 28th September 2012
Door 20:00 – First talk 20:30
Admission Free
Muziekzaal, Crea, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

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