> First Amsterdam speeddating for nerds

First Amsterdam speeddating for nerds

The next edition of the Amsterdam nerdnite will feature the first speeddating for nerds. It’s the good old principle, but then for nerds. Nothing says the truth better than a simple equation. That shouldn’t take longer than three minutes. You will talk to every participant. Afterwards, you inform the organizers if you would like to get in touch with a specific person. Only if both people express this preference, we will exchange the email addresses on your behalf. Otherwise, we will keep your data strictly confidential. Please sign up, if you want to take part.

Afterwards, we will have two exciting talks as usual:

Mike Lee – The New Way

Change is nature’s only constant, as the world we are living in now has made clear. Change has made its way to Europe, and it’s just a matter of time until the Netherlands too is part of this deluge. We can ignore it or rail against it, but we can’t stop it, so we’re better off embracing it. Industry veteran Mike Lee has spent the last year effecting change in the local technology ecosystem. He’ll share the trials and opportunities he sees in the near future, and the changes we need to make to take full advantage of them. Bring your thinking caps, and prepare to be challenged.

Legendary product engineer and World’s Toughest Programmer Mike Lee (@bmf) has worked on apps for Alaska Airlines, Delicious Monster, Tapulous, United Lemur, Apple, and Nextive, producing such hits as Delicious Library, Tap Tap Revenge, Obama ’08, and Apple’s Mobile Store. His goal is to save Madagascar, his blog is at mur.mu.rs, and he has the world’s largest collection of plush prosimians. In his spare time he races cars, flies airplanes, plays guitar, drinks single-malt scotch, and surfs. Mike lives in Appsterdam, the world capital of app development.

Jay Grossen – XXX. Motel. Sex. / How neon signs got so dirty

Neon signs have long been associated with places of questionable morals – no-tell motels, sex shops and other lairs of ill-repute. Jay Grossen will walk us through a visual (and sometimes explicit) history of ‘liquid fire’, or neon, and its reputation as a part of the seedier side of society. The talk will showcase the divergent approaches civic leaders have taken to neon signage, from Vancouver, where neon signs have been systematically removed from entire neighbourhoods to dissuade undesirables and promote gentrification, to Portland, Oregon, where these same signs are being preserved and displayed as works of high art and craftsmanship.

Jay Grossen is creative director at frog in Amsterdam.

With the tunes of DJ Booktunes (Dirk Diggler) in between and after as usual.

Door open: 20:00
First talk: 20:30

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