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nerdnite anniversary

Join us again for the one-year anniversary of the Amsterdam Nerd Nite! It has been a fruitful year for the nerd-curious population. We have solved sudoku’s and Rubik’s cubes, heard pulsars and Dothraki, seen frikandellen and robots. The new nerd-year is going to be one even dafter. On February the 23rd, we kick off in the brand new CREA-building with two mind-boggling presentations. Urban analyst Kai van Hasselt introduces you to the Global South, and Vincent van der Vliet trumps the evening with the ace of spades. In between, our faithful DJ Dirk Diggler will supply some techy tracks to wash down your drink with. And if that’s not enough, we commemorate our anniversary with the howlin’ mad Dry T-shirt Contest. Don your most nerdy T-shirt with inexplicable in-joke or lame pun, and receive eternal fame and a prize both useless and offensive.

NOTE that CREA has MOVED and we are now at Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 (Roeterseiland)
Door open: 20:00
First talk: 20:30

Kai van Hasselt: 81 Impressions of the Global South

The Global South: the up-and-coming countries south of the equator. They represent a broad group of regions, cities and citizens, as well as a multitude of styles and opinions. Kai van Hasselt takes you on a tour around nine cities from the three continents along nine topics, forming 81 impressions of the Global South. What does luxury mean in Mumbai? Where do you buy bread in Nairobi? What does the wallpaper look like in Santiago? To understand the impact of The Global South one has to leave the comfort zone of one’s computer and data analysis and look at the true meaning of this important cultural shift. He’ll show you how the South, with some of the most fascinating and dynamic cities of the planet, offers an alternative to the West.

Kai van Hasselt is the founder of Shinsekai Analysis, an Amsterdam based advisory practice that specializes in urban strategies and cultural intelligence. He studied economics at the University of Amsterdam. He worked briefly at AMO, the think tank of architecture practice OMA in 2006.

Vincent van der Vliet – Your granny is a nerd – she plays bridge!

Bridge? As in, the game your granny plays? Can’t be too hard or challenging if she does it, right? Well, I’ve got news for you: your granny is a hardcore nerd. Beyond its dusty exterior, contract bridge is a game of statistics, logic, semantics, deduction and skill rather than luck. Traditionally, the game has attracted people with scientific minds to glean its deeper secrets. In this presentation, Vincent will try and introduce you to the game’s basics and explain its appeal to the nerdy mind.

Vincent van der Vliet is graphic designer and the founder of Bakabaka design. Before he found his way to pictures he geeked out on chemistry. Besides Bridge, he also masters other nerdery like non-stop board gaming.

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