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Nerd Nite 32



Friday 9 June
Doors open at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

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Fasten your seatbelt and hop on a journey through time at Nerd Nite 32! Our first speaker Arthur Neeteson will take us back to the ancient days when Indo-European still hadn’t evolved into half of humanity’s languages and he will explain how seemingly completely different words are actually related. Don’t like living in the past? Then keep on travelling to the future of encryption with our second speaker Jaya Baloo, Chief Information Security Officer at KPN. Jaya will discuss current developments of cryptography in the light of new quantum computing systems and persistent government surveillance. Looking forward to it? Join us on 9 June, be there and be square!

Indo-European – the evolution of half of humanity‘s native tongues
By Arthur Neeteson

How many languages do you speak? Did you know that it is highly likely that those languages once came from the same origin? About half of all the people alive, grew up speaking a language originated from the “InPasfoto Arthur Neetesondo-European” origin, after India and Europe, where most of these languages originated from. In his talk, Arthur Neeteson will take you back in time to show the ancient connection between words like ‘father’ in English and ‘pater’ in Latin. With him, you’ll reconstruct what your linguistic forefathers called their mothers, teeth and feet. You may even be able to count to ten like your linguistic ancestors 200-odd generations back. Come and listen to his talk to be amazed by this origin of languages. Especially if you belong to the 46% of the world with Indo-European roots.

Bio: Arthur Neeteson made his first alphabet when he was five and he has never lost his love for languages. He studied Comparative Indo-European Linguistics in Leiden, while completing another full time study in Groningen at the same time (long live the ov-jaarkaart). Arthur has since left the path of linguistics, and is now developing a seaport in Indonesia.




Everything is quantum! The future of cryptography & quantum technologies
by Jaya Baloo

You finally got used to the extraordinary powers of computers? Get ready for the new kid on the block: quantum computers! A new technology that holds big promises for the future, as can be seen by huge investments made by Microsoft, Google and the NSA. But as the race for quantum computing systems rapidly evolves, the threat to modern cryptography becomes more pressing. Will this lovechild of physics, mathematics and computer science be a blessing or a curse? There must be new strategies and clear options to ensure data protection for the near and long term. Jaya Baloo will discuss current developments and projects in this area, which is set against the background of ever more persistent government surveillance.

 jaya_v67Bio: Security girlboss Jaya Baloo has probably the most busy schedule you could imagine. From dusk till dawn she leads the Chief Information Security Office of KPN. She is a quantum crypto expert and a frequent speaker to share knowledge and raise awareness. In her spare time Jaya has a passion for reading, she is a real content junky. And by the way, she is also learning to be a pilot.



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