> Nerd Nite Greatest Hits: Five Years of Talks and Beers!

Nerd Nite Greatest Hits: Five Years of Talks and Beers!


Behold it’s Nerd Nite Amsterdam’s birthday! We’ve been nerding it up in Amsterdam for five years now so we decided to celebrate big! How? By doing what we do best: an entire evening filled with nerds taking the stage. Over the years we’ve had more than 50 nerds to impress, inspire and surprise us; so we thought we’d bring back six of our all-time favourites for a blast-from-the-past greatest-hits edition of Nerd Nite.

There will be parallel sessions, quizzes, drinks, surprise elements, groovy tunes and, well, more fellow nerds than you can shake a stick at. Please pledge your support and buy a ticket now! Be there and be square!

Friday April 15th
Doors open: 20:00
First talks: 20:30
Felix Meritis Zuilenzaal & Shaffyzaal
Tickets: €15,- (includes 1 drink)

It is rocket science, from Scud to Unha-3 by Ralph Savelsberg
Mathematics of musical harmony – Why does a piano have twelve keys? by Tom Hijmans
Writing history in stone on an Arctic volcanic island by Erik Verheul
Please don’t touch? A history of controversial monuments by Eveline van Rijswijk
The truth is out there… It’s called math by Michiel Renger
The amazing and crazy inventions of Nikola Tesla – Including a demo of artificial lightning by Kjeld Eikema

Check out the talk descriptions and buy tickets on the Felix Meritis website!

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