> Nerd Nite XXIV: The birds and the beers

Nerd Nite XXIV: The birds and the beers

Nerd Nite Amsterdam NNAms event poster birds beersLet yourself be inspired at Nerd Nite Amsterdam XXIV on November 13th! Arjan Dwarshuis will come and share his passion for birds, highlighting his exciting plans for 2016: try to break the record of seeing 4341 bird species in just one year. Next, we’ll hear all about kiwi Kelly Milligan’s love of handsome ales (his words). Teaching courses in home-brewing, he’s the opposite of a lone drinker and will infect you with his frothy fever. Finally, it’s your time to shine during our annual Dry T-shirt Contest. Turn your luck around on Friday the 13th: wear your favorite nerdy T and admission will be free. Be there and be square!


Friday 13 November
Doors at 20:00
First talk at 20:30

at CREA Muziekzaal
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

Admission: €1 (or, participate in our Dry T-shirt Contest — see below!)

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Spotting 5500 Bird Species — A Crazy Adventure
by Arjan Dwarshuis

Arjan DwarshuisThis time next year we may have a world-record holder among our Nerd Nite alums: speaker Arjan Dwarshuis will attempt to see over half of the bird species on Earth (about 5500) in a single year. This adventure takes him to 34 countries on 6 different continents; from the barren peaks of the Himalayas to the vast deserts of Southern Africa and the steaming jungles of Papua New Guinea. The motivation? To raise public awareness of the fast-vanishing ecosystems around the world and the endangered bird species that make these remaining havens their home. We have arrived at a critical point in history where we can either lose our natural heritage forever, or start building on global attitude change and commit to safeguarding our heritage for future generations. Come listen to this ultimate global birder share his plans for his “Biggest Year”.

Bio: Arjan is an archeologist by training and birdwatcher by passion. As long as he can remember he has been identifying birds. His mission is to spread the bird-watching virus, upgrading a walk around the park to an exciting new level, probably ending up in Cafe Wester where he works as a bartender.


Beer Brew Science
by Kelly Milligan

Kelly MilliganGet your Erlenmeyer flasks ready, because it’s time to cheers to beer nerds! Living in the “beer belt” of Europe, we have a special connection with beer, but how exactly is it made, and what gives it the range of taste? Kelly Milligan will tell us all about the wonderful mix of science, creativity, and magic that comes together to produce a truly inspirational beverage. He’ll run through some basic concepts of brewing beer: the ingredients, the processes, and the different styles that can be created through unique combinations. After this crash course you’ll see that brewing beer at home is a whole lot easier than you might think, and you’ll have extra appreciation for the work behind that malty drink. All you need is a little advice and you can start brewing your own!

Bio: Kelly, a proud Kiwi who’s been living in Amsterdam for about a year, thinks front end coding is the most badass job in the world. He has a particular preference for high top sneakers and in his free time he worships cool keyboards.


And don’t forget our annual Dry T-shirt Contest:

Wear your favourite nerdy T and admission will be free! Otherwise, admission is €1.
Dry T-shirt Contest Nerd Nite Amsterdam

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