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Want to be a Nerd Nite speaker?


Have you found our website because you’d like to be a speaker? Awesome! The Nerd Nite alums are an esteemed group of which we’d love for you to join the ranks. Send us an email with which events you’re available for (see the right sidebar), a description on what you’d talk about (and why it’d make for a great Nerd Nite talk), and whether you have any experience with public speaking.

You don’t have to be from Amsterdam; we welcome all nerds from Utrecht, Leiden, Haarlem, Nijmegen & beyond! We’re the only official Nerd Nite in the Netherlands.

Keep in mind that we ask our speakers for a title, abstract, bio, and photo about 5 weeks before each event, and we do a practice session with each speaker about two weeks before. And FYI, this is an unpaid gig — we do it for the (nerdy) love of it!

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