> Getting our posts with Facebook and email

Getting our posts with Facebook and email

“Thanks” to Facebook’s algorithm for showing and sorting posts, many of you might not see when we post, either announcing an up-coming Nerd Nite Amsterdam or occasionally sharing nerdy internet finds. We think we’ve found a fix! On our Facebook page, the Liked button has a dropdown menu, from which you can select Get Notifications. Then you should be set! The subsequent screencap should assist those who prefer visual instructions.

How to get our Facebook posts

For those of you who prefer email, we have a mailing list sign-up on our website. It’s in the righthand sidebar, labeled Stay in touch here. We won’t to sell or give away your email address, or spam you ourselves.

Get our website posts

There’s also Twitter. See you on September 26! We tip our figurative hats to The Worst Things For Sale for the Facebook solution.

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