> Nerd Nite XVII: Infinity and Beyond! A Stressful Situation.

Nerd Nite XVII: Infinity and Beyond! A Stressful Situation.

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For the last edition of the season, June 6th, Nerd Nite will show you how to harness yourself against the mighty destruction of stress by playing video games! Additionally we’ll provide you with some excellent nerdy knowledge on the concept of infinity, a great conversation maker for that summer love. Including a special break edition: the Liar’s club. Be there and be square.

Michiel Renger – Infinity
Imagine the unimaginable.

Everyone has some intuitive ideas about infinity… but does it really exist, and if so: what is it exactly? If we are willing to make a few simple assumptions, then mathematics provides us the answers to many of these questions. Foto MichielAlthough the assumptions are very straight-forward, the answers can be very surprising. This is really the kind of mathematics that can teach us something about philosophy, reality, and to some even spirituality. (There is no need to be afraid of mathematics; anyone should be able to understand the arguments of this talk.)

Michiel Renger studied mathematics in Delft, and after some years of non-math-related jobs, he realised that he really should be doing math. Currently he works as a researcher at the Weierstraß Institute in Berlin, studying limits of an infinite number of particles. If he doesn’t do math, he likes to play dance music on his saxophone and didgeridoo.

Adam Lobel – Gaming for Mental Health
Beating stress one boss battle at a time

Dealing with stress can be, well, stressful. But what if a favourite nerdy hobby for unwinding could also help moderate stress before it starts? Adam explains how playing certain video games may help train one’s ability to manage emotions in everyday stressful situations. Mindless fun on the surface for some can be a highly stressful experience for others! Adam will specifically discuss the game Starcraft 2, highlighting the similarities between the real world and the game world. This talk will include some suggestions for awesome video games that were recently developed with the sole goal of helping you handle stress better.

Adam Lobel is PhD candidate at the Radboud University in Nijmegen’s Behavioural Science Institute. His PhD focuses on how people persevere in the face of failure. He is a Brooklyn, NY native gone Dutch after completing his master studies in Amsterdam. When not testing stressful gaming situations scientifically, he likes to explore these possibilities on his Playstation, buff up his record collection, and revel in live music.

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