> Pre-Nerd Nite XV: Nerd Nite Speed Dating!

Pre-Nerd Nite XV: Nerd Nite Speed Dating!

It’s almost that time of year again: February 14th, national “hey, your life would be so much more awesome only if you had somebody to share it with” day, or perhaps from another perspective: an evil construction designed to make you buy things.
Nevertheless it is of the utmost importance that nerds find each other, as nerd babies are a great asset to the world at large.

Are you still looking for a soul mate? Do you want to find your intellectual significant other? Somebody to play axis and allies with? And Tinder isn’t offering you a content-based approach? Oh boy/girl, do we have a pre-Nerd Nite program for you!

Are you psyched? Sign up at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zetDX1LtKk9w7-vVnvB1XooMiuf1fAaDEEusQRyn1PE/viewform

Date: February 14th
Time: 18:30 (admittedly a bit early, but necessary as we all need to be finished in time for the Nerd Nite of course)
Required item: Bring a prop that relates to you (examples: origami bow-tie, picture of your cat, favorite book, Luke Skywalker action figure, homemade cake)
Sex preference: separate pools for gay & straight

You will be sent a confirmation email and participation manual (just kidding) after registering and a reminder email a few days before the event. If you have any questions please email amsterdam [at] nerdnite.com.

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