> Nerdnite XIII: The Lucky Number

Nerdnite XIII: The Lucky Number

After an improbable amount of sunshine, we return to you with teachings on Permaculture and the undisputed link between math and music. Lien de Coster will discuss the sustainable solution no one can explain in one sentence. Followed by Tom Hijmans, who will explain that it only takes math to make nice music. Come and get permanently inspired!

Lien de Coster – “Permaculture. What on earth is that?”


Permaculture might be the solution for the environmental, social and economic crisis of our society. There is only one big problem: it seems near impossible to explain what permaculture is. Lien takes up the challenge and discusses the difficulty of finding a proper definition along with her personal view on what comprises permaculture.
This lecture is for people who have never heard about permaculture before and for people who think permaculture is all about mixing different kinds of plants in your garden and designing sustainable systems.

Lien De Coster is a writer and โ€“ guess what – a permaculture teacher. She also takes people into the wilderness on something called a vision quest. When you canโ€™t find Lien there is a big chance she is wandering barefoot through the forest, is paddling in her canoe, or is reading poetry around a well-hidden campfire.

Tom Hijmans – “Mathematics of musical harmony. Why does a piano have twelve keys?”


On pianos the octave is divided into twelve equal tone steps. Why twelve? Is this just convention, led by our cultural penchant towards dividing things into twelve parts? Think of the dozen, the number inches in a foot, the number of pence in a shilling in old English money, and, of course, the number of hours in a half day. In the case of the piano the twelve key octave is there because of mathematical necessity. That is, if we want to be able to play harmonic music on our instrument. No prior math knowledge required, just a good set of ears!

Tom Hijmans is an experimental physicist of the UvA. He is also a piano tuner and runs a piano repair workshop from his home, races laser sailing boats and climbs rocks. His favorite animals are the moth and the peregrine falcon. Do ask him why!

Nerd Nite XIII
Friday, October 25th, 2013
CREA Muziekzaal
Door 20:00 – First talk 20:30
Music by Spread it like Butter
Admission Free
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

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