> Nerdnite XI goes Easter

Nerdnite XI goes Easter

In this edition, Professor Gusz Eiben will present his vision of the new Evolution Revolution. And as if gorging on chocolate eggs in this season is not enough, Gabriel Ybeles Smit will allow us to indulge in the Chocolate Universe, and reveal the science behind the powers of this alluring substance. Free samples included! Also: the “Nerd Liar’s Club” quiz, music by Spread It Like Butter, and a special guest! Be there, or be square.

Gusz Eiben – How to evolve real stuff

“In the 20th century evolution was transferred from wetware to software, in the 21st century it will be portedĀ from software to hardware.”


Most people consider evolution as a theory that helps us understand things (that happen beyond our control). However, computers, invented in the 20th century, made it possible to create an evolutionary process as a tool to solve problems: Evolutionary Computing. I argue that in the 21st century it will be possible to implement and utilize artificial evolutionary processes outside digital spaces and make them physically embodied: the “Evolution of Things”, leading to a new field of Embodied Artificial Evolution. In this talk I will present this vision in more detail and explain why these developments will radically change our lives.

Gusz Eiben is Professor of Computational Intelligence on the VU University Amsterdam. He is specialized in evolutionary computing, artificial life and more recently evolutionary swarm robotics.

Gabriel Ybeles Smit – The chocolate universe

554200_10151003771029720_1851492718_nChocolate has enthralled humankind through the centuries, ever since the dark ‘Kakaw’ was used in life and death rituals in Mesoamerica, up to present day where chocolate is regarded as a valued confectionary commodity connected with deep emotions. What can modern science tell us about its powers? This is the chocolate universe.

Bio: Gabriel Ybeles Smit holds a PhD in Physics, spent the last couple of years at CERN and is currently contemplating a new direction in life. Ever since he was old enough to stand he’s been experimenting with food in the kitchen. On top of that he has a far reaching fascination for everything Italian. And when there’s still time left he enjoys the black light in his living room.


Nerd Nite XI

Thursday, March 28th, 2013
CREA Muziekzaal
Door 20:00 – First talk 20:30
Music by Spread it like Butter
Admission Free
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

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