> Nerdnite continues after the summer break

Nerdnite continues after the summer break

22 September –  Doors open 20:00 – First talk 20:30
CREA Muziekzaal – Turfdraagsterpad 17 – Amsterdam
Free admission for nerds and non-nerds alike


Nerds return with a vengeance! After spending the holidays among dusty books and computer screens, again we don our bandaid-mended glasses and stick a fresh leaky pen in our pocket. Even if you did spend your holidays at a sun-soaked beach resort, surely you’re up for a healthy dose of off-the-charts nerdutainment. The recipe for Nerd Nite is simple and effective: presentations, drinks, and that strange thing called social interaction. In this edition, be prepared to learn the truth-content of Hollywood’s most epic swordfights (with live demonstrations!), and to tackle all of life’s problems with do-it-yourself digital solutions. To top it off, we bring you the first edition of the Nerd Nite quiz. All that will be lubricated by geeky music, hand-picked and melted to perfection by DJ Dirk Diggler (Booktunes). Be there and be square, and if you didn’t get that pun, be there to find out why you should!

Jos Vermaseren – Advanced Algorithmic Puzzling

Would you like to learn how to convert a Japanese drawing into tapestry? Or build your own Mondriaan inspired bookcase? Or design a gigantic 3D puzzle? Or invent Sudoku’s that even Stephen Hawking would have trouble solving? Jos Vermaseren, a computing expert likes to take his quests digital. In his talk he will share a few leisure time projects with us, thoroughly explaining the strategy so that you can all go home to try yourself. Expect this edition of Nerd Nite to bring you to the world where computer algorithms and hardcore brainpower are used to solve the puzzle.

Jos Vermaseren is part of the staff at the theory group of the National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF), holds a 4th dan in GO, has a small art collection and a far going fascination for Japanese food and drinks.

Swordfighting in Movies: Truth or Fiction?

The honorable tradition of trying to kill each other with sharp objects goes back to the dawn of times. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, the military and even civilian use of swords has all but disappeared in Europe with the advent of gun warfare. Nowadays, we have little idea how it used to be done. This also means that the filmmakers, even our favorite ones, sometimes can get away with a lot when it comes to sword fights. But not anymore! Lousy and awesome swashbuckling on the silver screen as seen by a modern swords(wo)man, now with 30% more live demonstration! (The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injury resulting from active participation).

Katja Rybakova has almost completed her PhD research in systems biology at the Free University of Amsterdam, where she also stumbled upon a neighboring ZAZ fencing club.

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